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The VHEC Media Center will have access to e-books beginning as early as Tuesday, April 21. The books will be available to read on many devices – Android, Nook, Apple and Kindle.

The Follett e-books will feature books with both limited and unlimited access. Limited access books can only be checked out by one student at a time, while unlimited access books can be checked out by multiple students at the same time. Both fiction and non-fiction will be available. The best part is that students can access the books at home and they will never be late!

The new availability of e-books has been made possible through parents and the Vestavia Hills community voting on VHEC for the People’s Choice Award. So, thank you so much! We also want to thank all of the volunteers who have helped the Media Center run so smoothly this year. We appreciate your assistance! 

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Summer Reading

This is a short article telling how important it is for kids to read over the summer.


Below is a link to an article on Summer Reading Loss on the Reading Rockets web site.  I recommend the final section, "What can be done to curb summer reading loss?" and the Table below it with advice for families.


This is a link to Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge.


The link below is to The Library in the Forest containing information about its summer reading program.


I hope you find these resources helpful.

Happy Reading!

Dr. Susan McCarthy, Instructional Coach at VHEC

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Meet the Teachers for 4th and 5th Grade

Meet The Teacher for the 2015-16 school year will be on Wednesday, August 12th.

8:15 for 5th

9:15 for 4th


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