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Posting Date: June 03, 2015
Expires 8/07/15

New Students to VHCS Enrollment Hours

This summer new students to VHCS can enroll Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m at Pizitz.

Posting Date: June 30, 2015
Expires 8/13/15

2015-16 Registration

Families in Vestavia Hills City Schools will use a new, completely online system to register students for the 2015-16 school year.

The new system, powered by InfoSnap, Inc., will allow parents to register their children from the VHCS website at their own convenience between July 30 and August 13, 2015. The new system eliminates in-person registration. Parents who need in-person assistance or do not have web access will be able to register on July 30 or August 4 at the Board of Education building on Montgomery Highway.

At the end of the 2014-15 school year, parents will receive a "Snap Code" which functions as the login ID for each student in the registration system. Families will be able to use these codes to "snap" data onto the online forms, streamlining the registration process. Most families — particularly those with multiple VHCS students — will see a significant reduction in registration time as a result.

The system will accept payments by e-check and debit or credit cards; parents who pay by cash will be able to schedule a visit with their school's bookkeeper from the registration website. Following completion of the registration process, the new system will provide students with their class schedules, locker assignments, and parking space assignments.

More details about the new registration system will be emailed to parents before the system goes live in July.

Posting Date: June 03, 2015
Expires 8/13/15

Get Ready for the Online Supply Sale!


The Pizitz PTO is excited to announce that we will offer the

Supply Sale during the online registration process!!! The

supply sale has always been our ONLY fundraiser, so we

are keeping up with technology and moving it online!

We are changing things up a bit to make it super easy for

you to shop from home.


Once you complete your online registration, you will

move into the PTO section of registration. At this time,

you will be able to select your supply pack based on your

grade. 6th grade will have all the supplies needed, at a

very competitive price! 7th and 8th grade will also have

a supply pack, but it will not be as large as the 6th grade

pack, because we know you will have some of those items

left over from the previous year.


In addition, you will be able to purchase book packs for

the English classes and your supplies for electives. You

can do all this in a few easy steps during the registration



The best part- these supplies will be waiting for your child

in their classroom on the first day of school!

We hope you like this convenience and will continue to

support the supply sale, formally the ONLY fundraiser!


An important part of our supply sale was the “Pizitz logo wear”.

It has not gone away!!!! You will be able to purchase these

items during the first few weeks of school at Open House.

What about locker shelves??? They have not gone away

either. 6th graders can purchase these during the Pirate

Preview. 7th and 8th graders may purchase on the first few

days of school and at Open House.


Thanks for supporting the PTO with this fundraiser!

Stephanie Prior Stephanie@vacationwithmickey.

com, Kristin Comer kmdcomer@gmail.com, Angie

Haller hallerfamily@bellsouth.net, Cinnamon McCulley


Posting Date: June 03, 2015
Expires 8/18/15

Important 2015-16 Dates to Remember



July 30th -August 9th                 Online Registration


August 6                               6th Grade Pirate Preview Day

                                                         A-L  9:00-10:30

                                                         M-Z 10:30-12:00


August 11                             6th Grade Open House, 5:30 pm


August 17                             7th Grade Open House, 4:30 pm


August 17                             8th Grade Open House, 6:00 pm