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Volunteer for VHCS Strategic Action Teams

Volunteer for VHCS Strategic Action Teams


7 strategies for VHCS and how you can help 

Representatives from Vestavia Hills City Schools as well as the community recently dedicated more than three full days to the process of developing a strategic plan, investing in the best interests of our students by establishing a framework for the continued success of our school system.

Strategic planning, defined as "a method by which a community continuously creates artifactual systems to serve extraordinary purposes," has been approached as both a discipline and a process. With an intent to generate innovation and creativity with a respect to the established traditions and reputation for excellence, it is the purpose of this planning to serve the students and community with a commitment to unprecedented possibilities and continuous discovery.

Out of the strategic planning process on Sep. 22—24, the following 7 strategies were created:

I. We will provide multiple opportunities for students to choose pathways toward achieving their aspirations.
II. We will expose students to an array of opportunities to discover their unique gifts.
III. We will build staff capacity emphasizing individual responsibility.
IV. We will create a dynamic of learning and teaching that provokes questioning and honors academic risk-taking.
V. We will create a culture of inclusivity and respect.
VI. We will customize and create global learning environments to facilitate learning without constraints.
VII. We will intentionally cultivate reciprocal relationships with our community.

To make these strategies a reality, we need your help. Vestavia Hills City Schools is establishing an Action Team for each of the seven strategies listed above. We seek the input of all stakeholders and welcome the participation of those interested in serving on a team.

To become a member of an Action Team, please click here to complete the volunteer form. The form must be completed by October 24, 2014. Participants may indicate the strategies they would like to address. Every effort will be made to assign members to the strategy or strategies of their choice.

Teams will be formed in October and November and will meet starting in October to develop the plans for projects and programs to carry forward the success of Vestavia Hills City Schools. Volunteer today!




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