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Posting Date: April 24, 2015
Expires 5/30/15

Rising 6th Grade Students Information

Rising 6th Grade Students Information

Posting Date: March 19, 2015
Expires 5/30/15

VHCS Launches New Online Registration System

Today we are announcing a new online system through which you will register your students for the 2015-16 school year. The system will allow you to complete registration at your own convenience through our website between July 30 and August 13, 2015. You will no longer have to schedule around specific registration dates or come to your child’s school to register. This web-based registration process will also mean significant reductions in data errors and time spent registering. We believe these benefits will make the transition worthwhile for everyone. 

Our new system is powered by InfoSnap, Inc., a leading provider of secure, web-based school registration solutions. At the end of this semester, you will receive a “Snap Code” which serves as your child’s unique login ID for the registration system. Do not throw away the Snap Code! The code will allow you to “snap” data onto the online forms, which should greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to register your child(ren). At the conclusion of the registration process, you will be able to pay by e-check, credit or debit card; if you prefer to pay by cash, you will be able to schedule an appointment with your school’s bookkeeper through the registration system. You will also be given other information through the system including your student’s class schedule, locker assignment, and parking space assignment. 

While we do not anticipate any issues arising from the new system, we recognize that this will be a brand new process for every parent in our district. With that in mind, we will be offering assistance to anyone who needs help or does not have Internet access at home on July 30 and August 4 at the Board of Education building on Montgomery Highway. We will also be emailing additional information and instructions on how to use the system before it goes live in July. Please do not hesitate to call us at (205) 402-5100 or stop by the Board offices if you have any questions about registration this summer. 

Meredith Hanson, Assistant Superintendent 
Vestavia Hills City Schools