Posting Date: July 22, 2014
Expires 9/15/14

Online Student Directory

Vestavia Hills New Online Directory System



This year, we are using a new online directory system (Circlebox).  With your Summer online school registration, you can sign-up by going to:

In addition to being able to enter your student’s contact information as it will appear in the online and printed directories, some Vestavia schools are utilizing this tool  to let you easily volunteer for PTO committees and to provide important school-specific information.

  • There is no charge to use this service.
  • The information is secure & only available to families of students in the Vestavia School System
  • The directory search functionality will be available once school year begins as homeroom classrooms are assigned.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. If you don’t already have a Circlebox account, you will be prompted to create one. (Some households will already have an account as a member of another organization that already uses Circlebox.)  All students in your household should be set up under your one Circlebox account. 
  2. In addition to your student data, you may also list (2) two points of contact (parents/guardians) for each household.  Both contacts (parents/guardians) will be able to access your household account for searches and updates.
  3. In addition to your directory information, please also complete the brief school specific questionnaire and the PTO volunteer form for each student/school where applicable.
  4. Once you enter your student’s information, that record will be “pending” until teacher assignments are entered.  Once the student entry is updated with the homeroom class assignment, (by PTO staff after the 1st day of school) your account will become “active” for Vestavia District-wide search.



For Questions, Contact:


Your 2014/15 Pizitz Middle School Directory chair:       Jenny Waters 


Posting Date: August 27, 2014
Expires 12/01/14

Home Portal for Grades opens on September 2

The home portal will be open for grades 6-12, on Tuesday, September 2nd, after 8am. Parents will have access to their child's schedule, attendance, and grades. Letters will be mailed to all Pizitz students on Tuesday morning, September 2. This letter has the information necessary to access the home portal and you can find the link to the Home Portal under our "Parent" tab.

If you have any questions please call our office at 402-5350.