Dr. Jamie Blair, Superintendent


Message from the Superintendent






The surprise February snow event was an opportunity for communities in our area to demonstrate what can happen when everyone pulls together in a time of crisis. The Vestavia Hills community certainly performed at its very best and there are many people who deserve our thanks.

First, I'd like to thank our faculty and staff members who stayed the night with the children who were unable to make it home due to the bad road conditions. School administrators performed extraordinarily by making great decisions-literally on the run. Teachers and support staff provided our students not only with supervision but, they entertained, played games, read books, dried a few tears and even said bedtime prayers. Lunchroom staff provided meals and snacks. School Resource Officers provided safety and security. Our maintenance staff made sure the buildings stayed warm. They delivered sand to parking lots and driveways. They even helped stranded motorists! Many of those stranded motorists sought shelter in our schools and central office. They were all made to feel welcome and provided with food and shelter.

Secondly, neighbors pitched in with blankets, food, games, etc. Some provided rides and even shelter for some students. They helped greatly in making the best of a bad situation.

Finally, I cannot thank our city officials enough! Mayor Zaragosa and I were in constant contact throughout the entire event. City crews acted as quickly as possible in getting sand to school roads and parking lots. Our police department delivered medicine to several students. It was truly a team effort between the city and school system.

There are most likely more people of whom I'm unaware that helped in some important way. While it was a trying time, it was also a comforting time. Comforting in that we have all been reassured that in a time of crisis our community will rise to the occasion. Everyone who pitched in and helped makes those few negative calls and emails we received seem very insignificant!

--Dr. Jamie Blair