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Posting Date: October 01, 2014
Expires 10/31/14

Message from David Howard,VHCS Director of Safety and Security


Due to the reality of the world we live in, planning for emergencies has become a number one priority for school systems across the nation. The Vestavia Hills City Schools prides itself in this regard. All decisions during an emergency are made in conjunction with personnel from the Vestavia Hills Police Department. We understand deeply the stress felt whenever a parent perceives their child to be in danger. We all share in that stress, but we want to reassure you that each decision we make is calculated and for good reason.

Below is a complete breakdown of the activities and decisions made in response to the recent crisis at Liberty Park Middle School:

  • The Vestavia Hills City Schools in conjunction with the Vestavia Hills Police department responded yesterday to Liberty Park Middle School based on threatening comments made online.
  • An additional threat was brought to the attention of administration verbally, which required a much stronger response that included a lockdown of the school and included Liberty Park Elementary due to proximity.
  • Law enforcement assessed the new threat quickly based on information gathered the day before and reacted as needed to ensure the safety of all students and faculty.
  • The lockdown lasted approximately 45 minutes, which allowed for further assessment of the situation.
  • During a lockdown the Vestavia Hills City Schools will not immediately notify parents. Administrators and law enforcement will focus completely on the safety and security of the children, which includes keeping the building closed to all outsiders until the real, or perceived danger has passed.
  • At such a time that is appropriate, details of the situation will be released with guidance from law enforcement.
  • Currently, Vestavia Hills Police Department is aggressively investigating this situation and has made it their goal to identify this person and hold them completely accountable.
  • It has been determined by law enforcement that there is no imminent threat or danger to our students in regards to this matter.
  • The Vestavia Hills City Schools will pursue all disciplinary and or criminal action in all matters that threaten our children and our schools.
  • The Vestavia Hills City Schools take the safety and security of our children very seriously and want to assure all parents that our response will always be based on best practice as determined by law enforcement and experts in the field.



David Howard

Director of Safety and Security

Vestavia Hills City Schools



Posting Date: September 05, 2014
Expires 10/31/14

West Carnival is Coming!

Mark your calendar for Vestavia West Theatre Presents: A Night at the Carnival. Do not miss this opportunity to have a fun-filled night and raise money for our school! There will be good food, fun and games, prizes and lots more!


There are many opportunities for your to help with this fun school fundraiser!

We will need:

  • Parents to dress up in movie themed costumesd (costume donations as well)
  • Classroom helpers
  • Donations for candy and prizes
  • Volunteers to help deocrate, set up, and clean up
  • Individual and businesses to be classroom sponsors

Please contact Ashley Goetz or Chrystal Kracke if you are interested in giving your time and resources to help make this year's Carnival a success!



Posting Date: October 10, 2014
Expires 12/30/14

Enrichment Classes at VHEW

Please click on the following link to see Mrs. Belew's Enrichment Class at VHEW!


VHEW Enrichment Class



Posting Date: October 14, 2014
Expires 5/25/15

Pop Tab Pandemonium



Posting Date: August 05, 2014
Expires 5/25/15

VHEW and Ronald McDonald House

VHEW will be collecting pop tabs (from cans) all year long to donate to the Ronald McDonald House downtown (Children Hospital). Every classroom will be collecting them. Please save your pop tabs and bring them to VHEW. Tell Your family, friends, and neighbors. This is a great way for VHEW to help others!


Ronald McDonald Houses collect pop tabs instead of entire aluminum cans because it's more hygienic to store tabs than cans, and collection and storage is easier.  The program is an easy way for people of all ages to support RMHC and know they are making a difference for families and children. 


If your local Ronald McDonald House participates in the program, it’s likely cardboard collection containers in the shape of a house have been distributed to schools, community and civic groups and other organizations in your area. Collect pop tabs to drop off at one of these areas, or contact your local House about getting a collection container that you can be responsible for filling through one of your own groups.

How much?

After the tabs are collected, the local RMHC Chapter brings the collection to local recycling centers, where they are weighed to determine their value (values can vary significantly).  The recycling center then sends the local RMHC Chapter a check for the total value.