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Posting Date: January 08, 2015
Expires 3/25/15

Art In The Hills

VHEW is excited to announce all of our students will have the opportunity to participate in an awesome art competition. All of our young artists need to start thinking about what wonderful art they want to create for this fun event. The compeition will be at the Dogwood Festival this April. Our artists can do any type of art they want except 3 dimensional pieces. Each child can only have one submission and their masterpieces must be brought to the school no later than March 24th. The instructions and the form that has to be filled out are at: http://www.vestaviabeautiful.com/art-in-the-hills.html

Be sure to only submit one piece!

Be sure to fill out the form from the website!

Be sure to turn in the artwork by March 24th!



Posting Date: January 09, 2015
Expires 3/28/15

Enrollment Letter for 2015-16 School Year for Kindergarten

Please click the following link for information regarding 2015-16 Parent Letter Enrollment for Kindergarten.

2015-16 Parent Letter Enrollment



Posting Date: March 02, 2015
Expires 3/30/15

PTO Mini Grants Provided in 2014-15

Thank you so much for all the support you have given PTO fundraisers this school year! Because of your generosity, PTO was able to fulfil $14,980.00 in fall grants and $9,092.00 in spring grants for a total this year of $24,072.64 for new instructional items for our school and teachers! These items include 13 Chromebook laptops, a Chrombook cart, 2 Dell Computers, 2 iPad minis, Language and Math learning games, classroom library books and book centers, Math hands-on manipulatives, classroom rugs, 185 Perma bound books and additional Nook books for the school library, a new sound system for the gym and summer Professional Development for every teacher. Thank you again for all you do for our school!



Posting Date: October 14, 2014
Expires 5/25/15

Pop Tab Pandemonium



Posting Date: August 05, 2014
Expires 5/25/15

VHEW and Ronald McDonald House

VHEW will be collecting pop tabs (from cans) all year long to donate to the Ronald McDonald House downtown (Children Hospital). Every classroom will be collecting them. Please save your pop tabs and bring them to VHEW. Tell Your family, friends, and neighbors. This is a great way for VHEW to help others!


Ronald McDonald Houses collect pop tabs instead of entire aluminum cans because it's more hygienic to store tabs than cans, and collection and storage is easier.  The program is an easy way for people of all ages to support RMHC and know they are making a difference for families and children. 


If your local Ronald McDonald House participates in the program, it’s likely cardboard collection containers in the shape of a house have been distributed to schools, community and civic groups and other organizations in your area. Collect pop tabs to drop off at one of these areas, or contact your local House about getting a collection container that you can be responsible for filling through one of your own groups.

How much?

After the tabs are collected, the local RMHC Chapter brings the collection to local recycling centers, where they are weighed to determine their value (values can vary significantly).  The recycling center then sends the local RMHC Chapter a check for the total value. 




Posting Date: January 10, 2015
Expires 3/03/15

VHCS Foundation Seeking Applications For Board of Directors

The Vestavia Hills City Schools Foundation is seeking outstanding community volunteers and leaders to serve on its board of directors. This leadership group is a working board that exists to provide ongoing financial support to each Vestavia Hills school through the Founrdation's endowment and to protect and foster a standard of academic excellence in our school system.

Board members serve a three-year term as actiuve ambassadors, fundraisers and leaders for the Foundation.

Applications will be available on the Foundation's website: www.vestaviafoundation.org If you are interested in applying for the board and have questions, please contact Ashley Thompson, the Foundation's executive director: director@vestaviafoundation.org or call 978-8808.

Applications are due to the Foundation office by March 2, 2015.