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  • Learning Without Limits: Pizitz 2016-17 Novelists

    Posted by Christa Brogan at 5/22/2017
    Nine Pizitz Middle School students completed, edited, and self-published novels during the 2016-2017 school year through a school-wide project led by the 7th grade English teachers.
    Students could write about whatever they wanted, but they had to achieve 5,000 words between November 1st and November 30th. In January they wrote query letters to Principal Hanson and included a synopsis of their story. From over 300 query letters, 20 students were approved for placement in the media center. They were given a month to edit and publish their books.
    From those 20, nine students chose to publish their books through the website and make them available to the school.
    One copy of each published book will be placed in the Pizitz Media Center and will be available for check-out beginning in August, 2017.

    Picture - from left to right: Wyatt Raley, Sara Hattaway, Laura Ellen Hayes, Blakely Berryhill, Elisabeth Doss, Faith Pennino. Not pictured: Madison Waldrop, Amelia Johnston, Gram Thornton.
    Pizitz Novelists
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  • Celebrating Without Limits: 2016-17 Pizitz Sports

    Posted by Meredith Hanson at 5/22/2017

    Pizitz All Sports Trophy Congratulations to Pizitz Middle School for earning The Bob Barthel All Sports Trophy for the Metro South Conference for 2016-17. The award is given to the middle school or junior high school that has earned the highest number of points based on their teams’ placements in athletic events throughout the year. This is the second time in Pizitz history that the Pirates have won the All Sports Trophy (2007-08). In addition, three Pizitz coaches received Metro South Coach of the Year honors: Bill Mann was named Coach of the Year for softball, Jason Williams was named Coach of the Year for Track, and David McKenzie was named Coach of the Year for 7th grade girls’ basketball.

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  • Celebrating Without Limits: Riley Holmes

    Posted by Jane Schaefer at 5/19/2017

    Congratulations to Vestavia Hills High School senior Riley Holmes, winner of the Fall InvestWrite essay contest with the Alabama Council on Economic Education. The InvestWrite essay contest challenges students to address real-world financial issues and situations by answering a question about long-term saving and investing. Students in grades 4-12 are asked to analyze an investment scenario and recommend portfolio allocations that target short and long term financial goals. The competition is a culminating activity for the 600,000 students who compete nationwide in the Stock Market Game program each year.

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  • Celebrating Without Limits: VHHS We the People

    Posted by Amy Maddox at 5/19/2017

    The Vestavia Hills High School We the People team once again had an outstanding year that included a top 10 national finish.  This year's team was the smallest ever with only 15 students.  This meant that three of our students had to "double-up" and compete with 2 units instead of just one.  The team finished in first place at their district and state competitions.  At national competition in April, the team competed against 56 other teams from across the country.  After two strong competition rounds on day one and day two, they made it into the top ten and thus got to compete on day three.  The third day of competition took place in a congressional hearing room in the Cannon building.  When final scores were tallied, the team finished in 8th place nationally.

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  • Learning Without Limits: VHHS Seal of Biliteracy Recipients

    Posted by Lisa Garrison at 5/15/2017

    Vestavia Hills High School awarded the Seal of Biliteracy to 42 students during the 2016-2017 academic year.   Congratulations to these students who have successfully shown proficiency in English and at least one other language.  The Seal of Biliteracy was awarded in the four languages taught at VHHS French. German, Latin and Spanish in addition to Chinese.    The award is not only given in languages taught at VHHS but also to native and heritage speakers of languages other than English.  Students may earn this Seal by showing proficiency in reading, writing and speaking in at least one other language in addition to English. Two students, Wenyun Jiang and Edward Huang earned the Seal in English, Spanish and Chinese. 

    Knowing a second language and understanding other cultures increases students' marketability to both universities and employers. In our global society, cultural competency and language proficiency have become essential skills for the workplace and are required in many fields. In Vestavia Hills alone, more than 40 languages are spoken. The Seal of Biliteracy rewards students who value cultural awareness and can apply their language abilities to real-life settings. We congratulate these young people who are the first in the State of Alabama to receive this Seal. 
    VHHS Seal of Biliteracy Students

    Fall 2016 Seal of Biliteracy

    1. Fallon Carder
    2. Daniel Cotton
    3. Savannah Hayes
    4. Nathan Heiberger
    5. Emma Henderson
    6. Allison Lipford
    7. Marshall Powell
    8. Zoe Tenner
    9. Emily Vick
    10. Brian Young

    1. Lana Chen
    2. Allan Feng
    3. Celeste Johnson
    4. Keene Zhang

    1. Greta Chen
    2. William Cline
    3. Julia DeCarlo
    4. Ashley Dieguez
    5. India Ellison
    6. Katelin Faherty
    7. Giselle Fonseca
    8. Hector Fonseca
    9. Kahlea Haladwala
    10. Connor Johnston
    11. Javier Jurado
    12. Olivia Lumpkin
    13. Abigail Mashburn
    14. Vaughn Moore
    15. Manning Owen
    16. Stephanie Tunnell
    17. Daryl Wilson
    18. Sherry Wu
    19. Wenyun Jiang (Chinese and Spanish)
    1. Grace Millsap
    2. Anastasia Sorochinsky
    3. Louisa Tarrasch
    1. Edward Huang (Spanish and Chinese)
    2. Wenyun Jiang (Spanish and Chinese)
    Awarded in Spanish Spring of 2017 (they do not appear in the picture)
    1) Jessica Riley Holmes
    2) Edward Huang (Chinese and Spanish)
    3) Mary Scott Israel
    4) Jennifer Lao
    5) Daniel Rhodes
    6) Kanika Tiwari
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  • Celebrating Without Limits: Mother's Day in VHCS

    Posted by VHCS at 5/13/2017

    To celebrate Mother’s Day, the Vestavia Voice reached out to Vestavia Hills elementary schools to find out what students love about their mothers. Students from Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights and Vestavia Hills Elementary Liberty Park submitted their artwork and the thing they love most about their mom. 

    Read more in the Vestavia Voice.

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  • Learning Without Limits: VHECH Living Wax Museum

    Posted by Katie Grace at 5/12/2017
    The fourth graders at VHECH brought Alabama history to life with their annual "Famous Alabamians" Living Wax Museum. Each student read a biography to learn about their chosen famous Alabamian. Using this research, the students worked hard in social studies to create timelines using the website Storyboard and language arts to create digital posters using the Canva app. Visitors of the wax museum could scan QR codes to view the digital posters and learn more about the historical figures. 
    VHECH Living Wax Museum
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  • Celebrating Without Limits: National School Nurse Day

    Posted by VHCS at 5/10/2017

    May 10 is National School Nurse Day. In Vestavia Hills City Schools, nurses promote and protect the overall health status of children, provide chronic disease management, and educate students about healthy habits. The ultimate goal is to keep Vestavia Hills students healthy, which directly affects attendance, academic achievement and success. The school nurse is an integral part of the community, working collaboratively for the overall wellbeing of students. Thank you, VHCS nurses, for all you do for our students!

    Kimberly Kimbrough - Vestavia Hills High School
    Carol Harrelson - Liberty Park Middle School
    Sotonia Williams - Louis Pizitz Middle School
    Monica Graham - Vestavia Hills Elementary East
    Latonya Wilkerson- Vestavia Hills Elementary Central
    Julie Corley - Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights
    Brenda Seale - Vestavia Hills Elementary Liberty Park
    Susan Gaydosh - Vestavia Hills Elementary West

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  • Learning Without Limits: DreamArchitecture Winners at VHEC

    Posted by Lorie Belski at 5/8/2017

    DreamArchitecture winners from Central Three VHEC students were winners in the Dream Architecture Contest for 2017, sponsored by the American Institute of Architects.  Jill Gaylard was first place winner, Chloe McCormick received third place  and Zhu Zhu Wang got an Honorable Mention Award, all for Fourth grade.  This is the 20th year that art teacher, Susie Caffey, has had students participate in this project.  The students and their families were honored at a ceremony at SawWorks Studio at ArchitectureWorks on May 4th.

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  • Celebrating Without Limits: LPMS Cheerleaders

    Posted by Jenny Williams at 5/5/2017
    The Liberty Park Middle School Cheerleaders wrapped up a wonderful year at their banquet in February. They have celebrated many successes as a team such as; Camp Champions in chant and full routine, Spirit Challenge Champions, and AHSAA State Champions. They feature 13 NCA All American cheerleaders, the Southern Miss Top Gun tumbler, jumper, and partner stunt winners.
    After many months of long hard practice, the Liberty Park Middle School Competition Cheerleaders competed at the National High School Cheerleading Championship. The NHSCC is the most competitive school cheerleading competition in the country with over 600 teams competing in various divisions. It is held every year in Orlando, Florida at the Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World. 

    The cheerleaders competed well in semi-finals and earned a place in the final round of the Junior High Championship. Their nearly flawless routine earned them the ranking of 9th in the nation. 
    LPMS Cheerleaders
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