1. The VISION School is located in a house on the Vestavia Hills High School campus. From the VHHS entrance, proceed toward the tennis courts. Just before reaching the tennis courts, turn right into the gated drive of the VISION School facility.
    2. Parent/Guardian must agree to personally transport the student to and from school daily. In some cases, the VISION School Director may approve an appropriate substitute or designee to provide the transportation.


    Length of Stay:

    1. Students referred to the program will be expected to complete the four level program attached. Minimal assignments to the VISION School will be 25 days. The program is designed to promote the individualized student skills needed to ensure his/her successful re-entry into the regular school setting.



    1. School hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Parents must be prompt. Students may not be dropped off early and/or left unattended prior to being received by a VISION staff member between 7:45 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Supervision is not available before 7:45 a.m. or after 2:10 p.m.
    2. Students must report to school with all books and supplies needed.
    3. Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. are tardy.
    4. Two tardies will mean an additional day’s stay. If beyond two tardies, each tardy will result in administrative action.
    5. The parent/guardian must inform the VISION School teacher at 402-5220 or 402-5223 on the morning of any absence; any such absence must be made up at VISION School.
    6. Parent/Guardian and student acknowledge that they understand attendance is mandatory. Any absence must be made up by adding the number of absences to the length of stay in this program. Failure to notify the teacher of any absence and/or two or more unexcused absences may result in further restrictions as well as possible involvement of Family Court.



    1. Dress code policies will be strictly enforced.
    2. Students who do not heed warnings or who consistently violate the policy may be required to wear a uniform (navy blue “Dockers-style” pants with a belt and a white shirt with a collar) for the remainder of their stay at VISION School.



    1. Each student may either bring a lunch or purchase a lunch from VHHS. Middle school accounts are accessible at the high school.
    2. If the student’s meal status is free or reduced, please notify the VISION School staff immediately so that the free or reduced meal status can be transferred from the base school to VHHS.



    1. The VISION School Teacher works collaboratively with the student’s base teacher. Assignments will be coordinated with the base teacher.
    2. Each student is responsible for all materials required to complete daily work.
    3. Upon arrival, students must turn in all homework assignments to VISION School Teacher. Penalties for lack of homework will be given.
    4. Students should expect to take tests, exams, and other evaluative measures on the same day that they are scheduled in their base classrooms.



    1. After a security check, the student will sign in and report to his/her assigned space.
    2. A student may not speak or leave his/her desk without staff permission.
    3. To receive permission or assistance, a student must raise his/her hand and silently wait for acknowledgement by a staff member.
    4. Only appropriate language and conversation will be permitted.
    5. Students must sit appropriately in their desks. Lying/sitting on the floor or head on the desk is not permitted.
    6. The telephone may be used only in an emergency and with the permission of VISION School Director.
    7. Students may bring an unopened bottle of water, a non-carbonated drink, or an empty container for water.
    8. Medication of any kind will be dispensed following the policies and procedures in the school system. A student may not carry any prescription or over-the-counter medication.
    9. All policies and procedures for the Vestavia Hills School System are applicable.
    10. Students are prohibited from all campuses of the Vestavia Hills City School System. Participation in extra-curricular activities or school-sponsored events at any location is considered trespassing.
    11. If a student is referred to the VISION School for placement for alcohol or drug use or other substance use, the student must provide a 10-panel drug test at parents’ expense prior to acceptance to the program. A negative 10-panel drug test will also be required for these students at the end of their placement.
    12. If any student is suspected of being under the influence of any substance during his/her placement at the VISION School, he/she will be required to have immediate drug testing.
    13. A student in possession of tobacco/alcohol/drugs/e-cigarettes/paraphernalia or other items prohibited by the Policies and Procedures of the Vestavia Hills City Schools or attending while under the influence of any substance prohibited by the Vestavia Hills City Schools will be reported to the police and will be referred to the Superintendent of Vestavia Hills City Schools for an administrative hearing recommending expulsion.
    14. A student who threatens or causes bodily harm to any staff member or fellow student will be reported to the police. The student will also be referred to the Superintendent of Vestavia Hills City Schools for an administrative hearing recommending expulsion.
    15. Students who fail to cooperate with the demands of the VISION School program may face further disciplinary action, including possible suspension or expulsion and/or referral to the Family Court.



    1. Upon arrival, students will undergo a security check, including a metal detector.
    2. There will be unannounced searches. Policies of the Vestavia Hills City School will be followed.
    3. Book bags are not permissible.



    35. Students will be required to do chores including, but not limited to, trash, sweeping,  

               and cleaning.

    36. Students will not clean restrooms.