• FAQ's

    How do I contact my student's teacher?
    For teachers information by department Click Here. For teachers by name Click Here.

    How do I find out who my student's counselor is and how do I contact them?

    12th Grade Counselor  
    (A - Z) Mrs. Christine Rohling    

    11th Grade Counselors
    If last name begins with:

    (A - D) Mrs. Barbara Gajewski 
    (E - L) Mrs. Daria Howard
    (M - R) Mrs. Terri Sowell  
    (S -Z) Mr. Brandon Boggs                       

    10th Grade Counselors
    If last name begins with:
    (A - L) Mrs. Barbara Gajewski   
    (M - Z)  Mrs. Daria Howard      

    9th Grade Counselors
    If last name begins with:
    (A - L) Mrs. Terri Sowell     
    (M - Z) Mr. Brandon Boggs 

    College Counselor
    Mr. Oliver Aaron

    College Secretary
    Mrs. Jerri Tinney

    Guidance Secretary
    Tracey Towns

    For more information on the guidance department Click Here.

    How do I pay for school related bills?
    Online payment can be made through My School Fees or contact our Bookkeepers

    How do I find out which administrator works with my student?

    Charles Bruce: Discipline and Attendance, 9th - 10th grade
    Dexter LeBlanc: Discipline and Attendance, 10th - 11th grade
    David Howard: Discipline and general questions, 9th 12th grade

    When is Summer School registration, how do I register, what does it cost, what is the daily schedule?
    Summer School registration dates are from April 3rd - April 21st. To register you must first fill out a summer school registration form and turned it in to the bookkeepers. The cost for a full summer school course (1 credit) is $350 and a half term summer school course (1/2 credit) $175. Summer School dates are May 31st - June 29th. 
    For more information about summer school click here.