• Who We Are


    Our Vision

    Every Vestavia Hills Elementary East student will learn to his/her potential in a safe environment, while experiencing happiness through social growth at school.


    Our Mission

    The mission of Vestavia Hills City Schools is to ensure each student learns without limits by pursuing knowledge and igniting curiosity about the world through a system distinguished by:

    • A safe and nurturing environment
    • The courage to be creative
    • Unparalleled community support
    • Appreciation of diversity
    • Multiple paths to a bold future


    Our School Motto

    The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you wish to be treated.


    Our Values

    • Kindness - We choose to treat others within our school with compassion, courtesy, respect, and dignity, even if they are different. We never harass or bully others, and we especially try to help sad or lonely classmates feel better through our friendly attitude.
    • Responsibility - We are in control of our own behavior. We do what our teachers ask of us at school to the very best of our ability. We admit when we make mistakes and try to correct them ourselves.
    • Honesty - We are truthful, sincere, and act with honor.
    • Service - We look for ways to help those who are struggling or have less than we do.