Math Team

  • Welcome to Math Team!

    Do you like to solve puzzles?

    Do you do math for fun?

    Are you ready for a challenge?

    Join us every other Wednesday afternoon from 2:35-3:45!

    Math Team meets every other Wednesday beginning October 16. Teachers present a new topic or skill, and students practice applying strategies to solve problems. Students will check their own work and share their solutions with teammates.

    Please carefully read the following...

    Eligibility:  Math Team is open to the first 15 5th grade Liberty Park students to register. We are looking for students who are eager to learn and ready to challenge themselves!  A waiting list will be kept and parents notified if spots open. 

    Content: The content of math team sessions is focused on higher level math for students who are seeking more challenging work.  Students in math team should be able to demonstrate mastery of math concepts in their fifth grade classrooms. 

    Attendance:  Please make a commitment to attend as many meetings as possible.  Please be mindful that there will be a waiting list of students who would like to attend regularly.

    Homework:  Students will be given practice problems to work at home.  Students must come to math team prepared with completed problems and ready to share their solutions in order to maintain good standing on math team.

    Outside assistance:  We anticipate that students will find the work in math team challenging and will need to persevere in solving problems. If a student needs additional help, he/she is encouraged to ask a teacher, friend or parent. 

    Conduct:  Students should exhibit behavior that is respectful of teachers and fellow teammates in order to maintain good standing on math team.

    Registration and Forms: Please go to the VHELP website under the “Extracurricular” tab and look for Math Team. Click to go to the Math Team page. Complete the Google form.

    Snack: Since most students are hungry after school, which makes it difficult to concentrate on problem solving, we suggest that each student bring his/her own snack to each meeting. Students must bring their own water bottles. Please be aware that no candy is allowed.

    Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to do...

    Step 1: Visit the Math Team page under the Extracurricular tab on the VHELP website.

    Step 2: Fill out the registration form.

    Parents will be notified of admission into math team via email by October 10.