Louis Pizitz Middle School - Opening August 2020

  • Pizitz Photo Tour

    Dr. Chris Pennington, Principal
    May 2020

    Pizitz campus map

    pizitz entrance

    Welcome to the new Louis Pizitz Middle School, opening in August 2020 for the 2020-21 school year. I’m excited for you to see this campus and see all the new spaces where students can learn and grow.

    pizitz lower gym pizitz upper gym and stage

    The new Pizitz campus features two gymnasiums (one renovated, and one brand new).  Both will be new to us! The upper gym is very similar to what we currently have and will also include a full stage blacked out for our theatre program.  The lower gym is larger and will seat close to our full student-body capacity.  The two gyms combined will also give the ability to operate with four volleyball practice courts, and the ability to host various tournaments.

    pizitz baseball field pizitz softball field

    There might be a few middle schools in the nation that will have the ball fields of the caliber that we will have next year, but not many!  The new campus will have an MLB-size field, a sprint-turf softball field, and a large stadium that will have the capacity to host very large events of all kinds.

    pizitz classroom pizitz art classroom pizitz lab

    Our classrooms are larger, with plenty of storage, and will contain state of the art technology for learning.  We also have some of the best lab space of its kind for a middle school that will also give us the ability to expand on our award-winning and developing technology programs.

    pizitz cafeteria side a pizitz cafeteria side b

    Our cafeteria will be approximately double our current size and will comfortably seat 465 students and staff with each rotation.  The serving area is state of the art, with all new appliances & equipment, and support systems for quick service.

    pizitz pirate commons

    I am particularly excited about our Pirate Commons area.  This space is located immediately outside our library media center, central to our campus, and will serve as a multi-purpose area for project-based learning, cross-curricular learning, and program demonstrations.  We will be able to host arena features that will utilize media technology such as wall mounted monitors, video cameras, wireless microphones, an audio system, and arena-style viewing to be used by multiple classes at one time. 

    pizitz main office

    One thing that is currently in progress is the application of interior graphics and grade-level building paint that will give our campus a distinctive look and continue the identity (and legacy) established over the years at our current campus.  I feel it is important to take the identity of Pizitz Middle School established over the decades and incorporate it in a way that honors the past, while looking toward the future.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the new Pizitz campus this August!