VHHS Club Descriptions


    2019 - 2020 Club Descriptions


    Addiction Prevention Coalition:  An Addiction Prevention Chapter is a student-led drug prevention group that is committed to raising awareness among their peers. The chapter shares information about drug facts, plans awareness campaigns for school, and holds small group discussions about real issues.

    Sponsors:  Nathan Miles and Wes Kelley

    Dues:  Free


    American Sign Language: American Sign Language doesn’t only use signs to communicate, it uses facial expressions, gestures, and body language.  We will be learning to sign songs, play ASL games and create graphics to show the beauty of ASL.

    Sponsors:  Carole Murray and Ben Davis

    Dues:  $10


    Amnesty:  Amnesty International's global mission is rooted in a fundamental commitment to the rights, dignity, and well being of every person. Amnesty members work to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. Amnesty International is the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization. Amnesty members investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world. Amnesty received the Nobel Peace Prize for its life-saving work.

    Sponsor:  Susan Gifford

    Dues:  Free


    Asian Culture Experience (ACE): 60% of the world’s population is made up of Asians, but sometimes, the culture and traditions of the Asian population feel different and difficult to understand. Well, we’re here to change that! If you’re interested in anything from K-Pop to foods to traditional clothes to the different languages to anything that makes up Asian Culture, come join and receive the ultimate Asian Culture Experience

    Sponsor: Nate Conoly

    Dues: Free


    Aviation Club: The purpose of the club is to experience and learn about the field of aviation. Specifically, club members will learn about aircraft (both fixed and rotary wing), air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, airport operations, and unmanned aerial vehicles (i.e., drones). Projects related to this club will include flying drones, touring local airports, visiting Birmingham's Museum of Flight, and speaking with individuals who have made a career in the field of aviation.

    Sponsor: Erin Deerman

    Dues: $15


    A Better Birmingham:  To give Birmingham and its surrounding neighborhoods the care and respect they deserve.  To clean up neighborhoods, strengthen communities, provide adequate school supplies, and fund various local charities and communities.

    Sponsor:  Erin Adler and Emily Hall

    Dues:  $25


    Board Games Club: Fun, enjoyment playing simple old fashion, non-screen board/card games.

    Sponsors: Jennifer House, Mary Matthews, Brad Waguespack

    Dues:  $20



    Boys FCA:  Boys FCA exists to present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

    Sponsor:  Chad Merrill, Buddy Anderson, Cody Merrill, and Keith Trotman

    Dues:  $15


    Classic Television Club:  This club will meet to view television classics ranging from the 1950s-1990s.  Students will observe the evolution of gender roles, racial dynamics, societal values, and the nuclear family unit as presented through multiple eras of television production.

    Sponsors:  Michelle Seale and Brandy Shotts

    Dues:  $20


    Climbing Club: The Climbing Club meets to discuss techniques and plans meetings at Highpoint Climbing gym to practice. They also participate in local competitions.

    Sponsor: Emile Thigpen and Timarie Fisk

    Dues: $25 (Gym membership and competition fees not included)


    Club Study:  Not interested in a club or need additional time for your homework?  Sign up for a club study. Sponsors:  TBD

    Dues: Free


    Competition Theatre: This club is designed for students that want to be involved in competing at the Alabama Thespian Festival and the Alabama Conference of Theatre Festivals. Students will work on individual events and group events during the club times. This is for theatre students and students that are unable to be in theatre classes.

    Sponsor:  Jamie Stephenson, Emily Bedgood, Karen Varner

    Dues:  Competition fees


    Computer:  This club is designed for students interested in computer programming, computer hardware, operating systems, and usage.

    Sponsors:  Jessica Sutherland

    Dues: $20


    Creative Coloring Club: Take a moment to relax and focus on the creative aspects of coloring.  Club members will use club time to relax, unwind, and focus on the task of coloring. Club will meet as 9-10 grade and 11-12 grade.

    Sponsors:  Eleanor Rushing, Ennis Everette

    Dues: $5 (no shirt)


    Creative Writing Club: This club provides a safe space for students who wish to explore Creative Writing. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with many types of creative writing through fun prompts and imaginative spaces. No prior experience necessary! In addition to club days, we will meet after school once per month where we will share our work and/or listen to guest speakers and professional creative writers.

    Sponsor: Courtney Eason

    Dues: $10 towards monthly events/speakers


    Cultural Exchange Club:  This is a group of students who are interested in learning about the many religions, ethnicities, and cultures of the world.  There will be guest speakers, food, and possibly field trips. 

    Sponsors:  Gwen Meister

    Dues:  $20

    Football in the Fall/FIFA in the Spring:  If you enjoy fantasy sports, then this is the club for you.  The club will involve competition with the world famous Fantasy Football and FIFA World Cup Soccer Game.   Tablet or Cell Phone required. 40 person limit.

    Sponsors: Joseph Armour and John David Smelser

    Dues:  Free


    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA):  FBLA is a career and technical student organization that is open to students who are enrolled in a Business course, or previous FBLA members. FBLA is a national organization with over 250,000 student members in all 50 states. Our chapter gives members the opportunity to enhance their business knowledge and skills through guest speakers and field trips. In addition, they participate in school and community service projects and have the opportunity to attend leadership training workshops, as well as attend state and national conferences. Through participation in competitive events, students may earn recognition for their business skills.

    Sponsors:   Margaret Ann Denton, Kris Thomas, Pam Hickman, Justin Davenport, and Steven Johnson

    Dues:  $30


    Fishing Club:  The purpose is for students to develop an understanding and appreciation for the sport of fishing.  Students will be able to share their tactics, baits, and fishing tales with a community of other like-minded individuals.  There will also be a variety of guest speakers and demonstrations.

    Sponsors: Brent Welborn, Rob Hudson, John Cole, and Matt Eddleman

    Dues:  $30


    French Club:  French Club is open to French students with an interest or curiosity for the French language and culture. French Club focuses on Francophone cultural activities. This includes Francophone movies, food, music…etc.

    Sponsors: Casey Harlan and Courtney Farley

    Dues:  $25


    Future Medical Practitioners of America:  Designed for students with an interest in medicine, FMPA allows students to learn about a variety of medical professions.  Students will also be able to practice some basic skills (stitches, writing prescriptions, etc.) and can participate in a field trip.

    Sponsors:  Laura Fewell and Heather Arias

    Dues:  $25


    Gay Straight Alliance:  The GSA is a place for LGBTQ+ students and their allies to come together and enjoy a safe space.  The club will organize awareness activities and participate in school and club-related fundraising events. Straight students are welcome, as are students who identify as LGBTQ+ or questioning.

    Sponsor:  Annie Hackney

    Dues:  $20


    German Club:  Interested in German language and culture? In German Club, we learn about all things German by participating in a variety of cultural and social events to bring traditions and customs alive. We learn about the festive days in German-speaking countries by celebrating Oktoberfest, Weihnachten (Christmas, with caroling in German), Fasching/Karneval (Mardi Gras), and more. Activities may include participating in school events, singing and dancing to German songs, eating German food, making promotional videos for learning German, and more! Knowledge of the German language is not required to be a member.

    Sponsors:  Serena Duncan, Laura Buder, and Tracey Patterson

    Dues:  $20


    Girls' FCA:  Girls Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a student lead, Faith based, service oriented club. Members will meet during scheduled school club times and also participate in outside service projects throughout the school year.

    Sponsors:  Stephanie Meadows, Elisabeth Burns, Laura Agricola, Laura Casey

    Dues:  $25


    Gourmet Club:  Cheese! Coffee! Chocolate! Taste the finer things in life!  Gourmet Club will arrange dinner outings, host bake-off competitions, and creative cooking challenges, and expand the palate by tasting samples of various treats.  The main goal is to learn about and love food!  Club dues will help pay for as many taste tests as possible during club meetings.

    Sponsors:  Sally Dew

    Dues:  $25


    Guitar Club:  Our goal is to spread and share our love and enthusiasm for the world's greatest instrument: the guitar. We will help each other play better by showing others in the club our own personal strengths on the instrument. We will play for each other at meetings, and we might play at other school events as well.

    Sponsors:  Tony Lombardo and Zach Morgan

    Dues:  $20


    Habitat for Humanity:  Habitat for Humanity is a service organization that partners with Habitat Greater Birmingham.  Students participate in builds on Saturdays throughout the year.  This year will be the 15th consecutive year Habitat has partnered with a family to build them a home.  Habitat students also participate in school club activities such as homecoming dance, BBQ the Bucs, the canned food drive, and RISE.  Habitat is a great way to give back to the community and meet so many great people!

    Sponsors:  Anne Palmer, David Mundt, Nathan Fernekes, Suzie Newbill

    Dues:  $25


    Hope Club:  HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) is a service organization that dedicates itself to reaching out to the community via good works and volunteer efforts. HOPE Club is comprised of dedicated male and female students who want to make a positive impact on Vestavia Hills High School, the community of Vestavia, and society as a whole.

    Sponsors: Jeremi Beam & Michelle Campbell

    Dues:  $20


    HOSA: Health Occupation Students of America (only available for students in the Health Science Program)

    HOSA is both state and nationally affiliated. Purpose: The purpose of the HOSA organization is to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the Health Science Education instructional program.  Mission: The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all healthcare science education students, therefore, helping the student meet the needs of the health care community.

    Sponsors:  Hannah Peterson

    Dues:  $30


    Interact:  INTERACT is a service club that fosters leadership, responsibility, and citizenship. Members are provided the opportunity to work together with monthly fellowship to serve their school and community through numerous charity opportunities.  Interact is a branch of Rotary Club International and is excited to offer new opportunities by merging with the Rotary Club of Vestavia Hills.   Males and Females will be accepted for the 2017-2018 school year.   10th through 12th graders are allowed to join.

    Sponsor: Kate Dismukes

    Dues:  $40, includes t-shirt


    Key Club:  “We don’t make keys, we make a difference!” Join the largest student-led service organization in the world when you sign up for Key Club. There are over 340,000 Key Clubbers across 38 countries with leadership positions at the club, district, and international levels. There are various volunteer and social events throughout the year to both serve the community and have fun. Key Club International has a global service immersion program, and there will be opportunities to attend conventions both statewide and internationally.” We will attend District Convention (state convention) and International Convention (San Francisco).

    Sponsors:  Marla Hines and Mary Busbee

    Dues:  $40; This includes club membership, district membership, international membership and t-shirt


    Knitting and Crocheting Service Club:  This club will be for those who enjoy knitting and crocheting, or for those students who would like to learn how.  Members will produce a variety of items for charitable organizations such as Children’s Hospital and Senior Citizens’ organizations.

    Sponsors:  Jane Schaefer and Katie Scheirer

    Dues:  $20


    Lacrosse Club:  The Lacrosse Club will offer an opportunity to support a team sport by providing experience in 1) video and other media, 2) fitness training and flexibility, 3) event planning such as tournaments and banquets, and 4) coaching and officiating.  The Lacrosse Club is open to all who are committed to community outreach, community service, and promoting an athletic, healthy lifestyle through the organized support of lacrosse.  Participating on a lacrosse team is not a requirement for membership in this club and membership in this club is not a requirement by anyone participating on any of the lacrosse teams.

    Sponsors:  Beth Kaiser and Shelly Munger

    Dues: $20


    Leo Club:  Leo stands for leadership, experience, and opportunity. As a member of Leo Club, students are given the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills through service in their community. Students will be asked to actively participate in a variety of service opportunities including, but not limited to, efforts for Magic Moments and the canned food drive.

    Sponsors:  Melissa Townson, Jennifer Haynes, and Holly Robinson

    Dues:  $25


    Literacy Club:  Literacy Club aims to promote literacy within our community and surrounding communities. Members serve as reading buddies at local elementary schools and participate in the Better Basics Birmingham Reads program, an annual event where the club travels to read to all the classrooms at Oliver Elementary. Literacy Club also hosts a tent at BBQ the Bucs and at RISE. They were the Club of the Year in 2015 and 2017.

    Sponsors:  Donya Deal and Susan Zana

    Dues:  $40


    MAC, Minority Achievement Council:  MAC, Minority Achievement Council, is a club at Vestavia Hills High School whose vision is to incorporate programs at the school and in the community that promote leadership, character motivation, community/school awareness, and excellence in scholarship by building and developing the self-esteem and self-confidence of each member. Our Mission is to promote academic excellence and outstanding achievement amongst minority students at VHHS. Our Goal is to be positive role models for VHHS and the community through volunteering, partnering with non-profit organizations and serving mankind. Membership into the club is by invitation and perspective candidates must have a G.P.A, Grade Point Average, of 3.0 or higher, commit to a minimum of 25 volunteer hours for the year, and possesses an interest in service opportunities within the community.

    Sponsors:  Pauline Parker and Jerell Horton

    Dues:  $25


    Music Performer’s Club:  This club is a service club open to all band and choral students. Weekly meetings include guest artists and music professionals. Students in this club have the opportunity to earn points toward membership in the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Students music participate in the club for two years to be eligible for Music Honor Society.  Students will be expected to maintain points in order to remain in the club. These points can be earned through community service as well as school wide charity events.

    Sponsors:  Heather Palmer and Megan Rudolph

    Dues:  $20


    Nintendo Club: This club is simply for people who are in love with NINTENDO!!!!  In club meetings, we will play Nintendo games.  Bring your N64, Game Cube,  DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Switch.  We can hook them up to T.V.s and Screens.  We can play games and compete!!!!  You can lose to Mr. Utz who is pretty AWESOME at Mario Kart.  We can also play Smash Bros.  Mr. Utz is TERRIBLE at Smash Bros.  We can talk about NINTENDO STUFF!  We can draw our favorite NINTENDO characters and put them on my wall.  NINTENDO!!!  NINTENDO!!!  NINTENDO!!!  NINTENDO!!!  NINTENDO!!! This club will have equal access to MALE AND FEMALE students.  You need to bring your device(s) to club so you can participate and be AWESOME!  NINTENDO!!!! 

    To Join, please draw and color a  picture of your favorite Nintendo character and print your Full Name, Grade, and 2nd Period Teacher on the back and place it in the folder outside room A243.

    Sponsors:  Todd Utz

    Dues:  Free,


    Otaku Club:  Otaku Club is a place for lovers of manga, anime, video games, and other aspects of nerd culture to meet and enjoy doing what they love!  Club members will meet during club times to organize fun activities while raising money to help support school and local charities. We will have anime watch parties and scheduled times to share the love of anime fandom.

    Sponsors:   Craig Smith

    Dues:  $15


    Paws and Claws Rescue Club:  Our club is designed to raise awareness and provide service to area Humane Societies and Pet Rescue Organizations.  Each member must complete an application.  In addition, members must participate in a holiday and spring fundraiser and assist with promoting the club’s goal to rescue and promote adoptable fur animals. (9-12 applications accepted)

    Sponsors:  Michele Kusibab, Lesley Rupp, and Susan Sexton

    Dues:  $40


    Pop Culture & Fashion Club: This club will meet to discuss current pop culture, current events, and fashion trends. The club will research and learn about iconic fashion designers and how they paved the way for current fashion designs. We will look at currents trends and compare them to other time periods to show the growth of fashion. The club will look into the evolution of fashion and evaluate how trends tend to repeat themselves. Students will research and share with peers.

    Sponsors: Angela Meacham, Mary Jayne Reed, and Anna Grace Markle

    Dues: Free


    Psychology & Mental Health Club: Members of the Psychology club will meet to discuss psychology related topics and hear from speakers in the current field of psychology. The purpose of this club is also to raise awareness of mental health issues, to supply resources for all students, and to provide a safe space to discuss mental health-related issues.

    Sponsors:  Wendi O’Kelley & Lori Graphos

    Dues:  $20



    Ping Pong Club:  Members of the Ping Pong club will meet during club time to organize and plan for Ping-Pong play. Club dues will be used to fund the purchase of equipment and tables.  (11th and 12th Grade Only)

    Sponsors:  T. Adams and Patrick Davis

    Dues:  $25


    Pinterest Club:  Pinterest Club is a place to exercise your creative spirit. Whether you are a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this is the place for you. Members will work on a variety of crafts throughout the year.

    Sponsors:  Amanda Jordan and Stacy Pugh

    Dues:  $20


    Poetry Club:  The Poetry Club is about the artful and empowering use of language through poetry. Goals include the following:

    • To value and appreciate poetry as an art form.
    • To encourage members ‘ participation in poetry contests and public readings of original poems.
    • To foster interest and enthusiasm for writing, hearing, and performing poetry.

    Members will decide the meetings’ agendas, activities, guest speakers, etc.

    Sponsor:  Lindsey Odle

    Dues:  Free


    Puzzle Club:  Love a good challenge?  This group is for anyone that enjoys working jigsaw puzzles.  All skill levels are welcome.  Come join us! 

    Sponsor:  Angie Richardson and Amanda Pickens

    Dues:  $5 (for puzzles!) OR a puzzle


    Rebel Readers:  Formerly known as the Book Club, Rebel Readers is designed as a forum for students of all grade levels, who have a passion for reading and book discussion. The club time is spent reading and sharing our passion for all genres of books.

    Sponsor:  Kimberly Johnson

    Dues:  Free


    Rebel Up Outreach:  Rebel Up Outreach is a service organization created specifically for Responsible- Energetic- Brave- Empowering- Leaders that are willing to step up to help raise awareness and acceptance for individuals with disabilities within our school and community. Rebel Up members will have various opportunities to participate in fun activities with students in Life Skills class, including Buddy Walk, field trip volunteers, BBQ the Bucs tailgate, movies, going out to eat and more.

    Sponsors:  Jennifer Greer, Julie Latham, and Vicki Prichard

    Dues:  $30, includes t-shirt


    Ronald McDonald House Club: Want to help families with sick children and brighten their day? Then this is the club for you. We’ll raise money to support and spread awareness of what is available to these needy families right in our backyard (ok, well, next to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham). We’ll go to the House several times after school and/or on a weekend to cook/bring a meal to feed upwards of 50 guests staying at the House, decorate the common areas in the House and visit with kids and their families around several holidays, really just anything to put a smile on these kids and their parents’ faces while they are going through a medical hardship. There are so many areas in which you can get involved in raising funds/awareness through: a bowl-a-thon, golf tournament, 10k road race, collecting pop tabs on soft drink cans, etc.

    Sponsor: Brian Terrell

    Dues: $15


    Science Fiction and Fantasy Club:  The Science Fiction and Fantasy Club is designed to support the exploration and celebration of all things Sci Fi and Fantasy. Sci Fi and Fantasy Club also hosts after school gaming and in-club discussions on current sci fi and fantasy topics.

    Sponsors: Ben Osborne and Michael Sinnott

    Dues:  $20


    Senior Citizen Outreach Club:  Their goal is to work closely with Town Village Retirement Home, located off of Rocky Ridge Road.  Club members will plan a few parties for retirees and visit the retirement home.

    Sponsors:  Leo Harlan and Mark Brooks

    Dues:  $20      


    Skills USA:  Skills USA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce.  The purpose is to provide quality experiences for students in leadership and teamwork while building communication through technology. Membership is open to existing and former students in the Engineering & Architectural Design Program.

    Sponsor:  Steve Brooks

    Dues:  $25


    Spanish Club:  This is a service/special interest club. It is designed to foster a love of Hispanic culture and language by providing students with an opportunity to explore the art, music, dance, history, language and foods from a variety of Spanish speaking countries from around the world. We look for opportunities to be involved and serve in the community. We are actively involved in FIESTA Birmingham, Hispanic Heritage Day at the Birmingham Zoo among other events.

    Minimum requirements: 1) either enrolled this year or have previously taken Spanish 1 or above or 2) their family's home language is Spanish. Spanish fluency is NOT required.

    We invite all native Spanish speakers to join too. 

    Sponsors:  Lisa Garrison and Emily Hudson

    Dues:  $35


    Spikeball Club: You've seen that little black and yellow trampoline game all over but still have no clue why groups of people are spiking a ball down into it. Finally, you'll get some answers. Spikeball, also known as RoundNet, is a new sport that's sweeping the nation. It's commonly referred to as a combination between volleyball and four-square. The object of the game is to win each rally by hitting the ball into the net so your opponent cannot return it. There is rally scoring so someone earns a point each serve. Join this club, and start playing this fun game!! 

    Sponsor: Coach Thompson

    Dues: $20 


    STAND:  STAND is a group of students who gather to be challenged and encouraged in their faith and to engage in faith-based service projects within the community. The $25 membership fee includes the cost of a club t-shirt.

    Sponsors:  Dal Davis, Kira Aaron, and Matthew Cameron

    Dues:  $25


    Student Activism for Women: This organization focuses on empowering young women for the work force and in the community.  In addition to school wide service projects, like the canned food drive, we are looking to possibly help with female organizations around Birmingham (Love Lady Center, YWCA, Race for the Cure, etc.).

    Sponsors:  Kari Pate

    Dues:  $20


    Ultimate Frisbee:  To promote the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and to develop the skills necessary to play competitive or recreational Frisbee.  Club time will be used to play the game. Open to males and females.

    Sponsors:  Jordan Singletary & Sarah Sansom

    Dues:  $25  (will cover shirt and disc) 


    Yoga:  The Yoga club will practice yoga, pilates, and meditation each time the club meets.  All members are expected to participate each club meeting.  Any members that do not not participate will be removed from the club.  Members will need to wear/bring a top they can move in.  The class will be lead by a certified yoga instructor and/or online fitness classes for yoga, pilates, and meditation.  The club will be limited to 35 members.  First come first serve

    Sponsors:  Faith Lenhart, Charity Jones, & Stacey Thomas

    Dues:  $15 (club t-shirts are optional


    Young Politicians Club:  The Young Politicians Club is a place for students to become informed citizens. We will discuss political issues that affect our community, our state, our nation, and the world. It is not associated with any particular political ideology.

    Sponsor:  Stanley Woodall and Erin Gallagher

    Dues:  $25 (includes t-shirt)