Parent Resources

  • G Suite For Education 

    G Suite for Education is Google Apps tailored for educational institutions. Accounts are managed by the school district (not by Google) and advertisements are all turned off. G Suite allows school districts to reserve a special Google domain/area for their staff and students to create, collaborate, and share ideas online (or in the cloud).
    To gain access to your GSuites account you must have an active network account with the Vestavia Hills City School district. Students must use their network username follow by "" domain and password to gain access to their content (ex. 


    Chalkable recommends using Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (For IE9 and IE10 make sure your browser settings are set to view in Compatibility Mode). Chalkable is not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Please make sure Pop-Up Blocker is turned off and disable any toolbars.
    With other internet browsers parents may be able to get into Parent Portal but may not be able to see all screens. That could be corrected with security settings but Chalkable does not support those browsers to determine the changes needed to gain access.