• Vestavia Hills City Schools will commit to providing timely communication to all stakeholder groups throughout the 2020-21 school year. The communication plan will ensure that all stakeholders have access to information pertaining to school health safety and the school system’s management of a changing health environment.

    communication framework

    Faculty and Staff

    Prior to the reopening of schools, all VHCS employees will receive communication regarding new procedures for the implementation of the instructional models, social-emotional wellness, and health procedures and precautions. Communication with employees will include:

    • Videos and materials produced to train all employees in health safety procedures, instructional models and pedagogy, and classroom cleaning and disinfecting procedures
    • Regular updates from the VHCS Administrative Team regarding the health status of each school and the community
    • Ongoing publicity of social-emotional support resources available to employees through the Office of Personnel


    Students and Families

    Given the changing health environment in our schools this year, frequent communication with students and families will be a high priority. Communication with students and families will include:

    • The 4Habits 4Health Campaign to reinforce smart habits to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19
    • Rapid notifications via phone calls, text messages, and emails to inform families of potential exposure to COVID-19 to extent allowed by public health
    • Ongoing publicity of social-emotional wellness resources available to students and families

    Families are strongly encouraged to maintain accurate contact information at their child’s school throughout the year.


    Public and Community Partners

    It is expected that the Vestavia Hills community will have an even greater vested interest in the success of the schools this year due to COVID-19. In acknowledgement of of the community’s right to be informed, communication with the public will include:

    • A VHCS COVID-19 website with full details of the school system’s reopening plans and announcements
    • Regular updates from the Superintendent and school administrators on the VHCS website and social media
    • Informational signage at all schools, both inside and outside facilities, to educate visitors about COVID-19 prevention