• General Information 

    We currently have three preschool locations: Vestavia Hills Elementary East, Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights, and Vestavia Hills Elementary Liberty Park. Vestavia Hills Preschool program is an integrated preschool classroom ages 3-5 for children that are typically developing as well as children who require special education services.  The typically developing peers act as peer models to the students that require special education services.  All students are taught by highly qualified, certified teachers using research-based programs that follow State of Alabama standards to help prepare students for Kindergarten.

    To be considered a typically developing peer, the child must pass a developmental screener and demonstrate the following: age-appropriate speech and language skills, age-appropriate self-help skills, model positive behaviors, and be toilet trained.

    School hours are from 8:00-12:30, and we do not offer after school care. 

    There is a non-refundable registration fee of $100, a supply fee of $100, and a snack fee of $60 per semester (the snack fee may be cash or a gift card to Publix or Walmart).  You may purchase lunch at school ($2.50 per day to be paid online) or your child may bring his/her lunch.

    Tuition is due the first of each month.

    • 5 days attending: $300
    • 4 days attending: $250
    • 3 days attending: $225
    • 2 days attending: $180 

    Enrollment packets and Registration are available online. Once completed, please email to Keta Peterson: petersonlc@vestavia.k12.al.us Contact Keta Peterson if you have further questions about our program.

    JULY 2020 UPDATE: 

    As of July 2020,  we are currently “full” and not able to accept typical peers at this time. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this year, please fill out the application and email to petersonlc@vestavia.k12.al.us 

    You must apply through the Preschool Program (fill out the application included here). You will receive email confirmation that we have received your application.  Registering online at each school (for preschool only) does NOT place a preschooler on our waiting list. 

    Click here to download the application packet.