• Art

    Our mission is for students to become lifelong learners in Art.  Lessons are in line with the Alabama Course of Study for Visual Art as well as National Standards. Students will experience a wide range of media, study great works of art throughout history, learn to see in new ways, strengthen their vocabularies and  increase their curiosity.  With a student population of more than 750 artists, VHEC is now digitally displaying student artwork online. Students may photograph and upload their work to a secure site for parents to see and share. Original artwork will be sent home periodically throughout the year.

    The Library at VHEC is dedicated to teaching students research skills, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills that coincide with the curriculum, and literacies for the digital age, such as information literacy, visual literacy (analyzing images), critical literacy (reading for better understanding), and digital citizenship as defined by the American Association of School Librarians. In addition, the library features a Makerspace for teaching skills that are taught hand-in-hand with the curriculum and in collaboration with teachers.

    Sing, play, move, question, and create are all things that happen in the music room at VHEC! The music curriculum is based on the National Core Music Standards for elementary General Music. It is also a goal to connect the music curriculum to general education curriculum in their other core subjects. Students learn the history of music, the science/physics of music, the language of music as well as incorporating math questions and connections. Students learn music from many different cultures as well as different genres.   Each year students will participate in a grade-level musical. 5th grade students all learn to play the woodwind recorder, which is a great learning tool that synthesizes the many elements that we study in 4th and 5th grade. Students in the 5th grade are invited to participate in an after school Honor Choir that represents our school in the community.   It is our goal that students become independent musicians who can participate and appreciate music.

    Physical Education
    The goal of the Physical Education Program of Vestavia Hills Elementary Central is to assist each student to become a physically healthy and active person and gain knowledge about healthy lifestyle. We are an extremely active Physical Education program that strives to enhance every students health/fitness! We teach a wide variety of sports and activities so that every student can find something they are passionate about. We are proud of our active students at Central! A sequential and progressive physical education program benefits the various needs, ability levels, and interests of all the students.
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