Dress Code


If a student fails to adhere to regulations in the following list, he/she is in violation of the dress code. The administration reserves the right to deem any item as inappropriate. This list is not conclusive nor is a violation of the dress code limited to the following:

1. Oversized pants shirts, tall-tees, and team jerseys with excessively long shirttails must not be worn.

2. Students must wear clothing in the manner it was designed to be worn. Clothing that is too tight or too revealing must not be worn.

3. Students must wear shoes at all times. Head coverings of any kind must be removed inside the building and kept in the locker during the school day.

4. No student may wear bare-midriff garments, tube tops, halters, backless dresses, spaghetti straps, strapless garments or tank tops. Undergarments must not be visible under any circumstance at any time.

5. Skirts and shorts must be no shorter than three inches above the kneecap. Spandex pants, leggings, leotards, etc. may be worn only when the top, dress or skirt worn with them meets the three-inch requirement.

6. Male students may not wear earrings.

7. Hair must be neat and clean. A male student's hair must not touch the shoulder. Facial hair is not permitted.

8. Heavy metal items and chains, metal spiked apparel and such should not be worn. Visible "body piercing" is not appropriate for a middle school setting and will not be permitted. Extreme facial make-up painted in a distracting manner will not be allowed.

9. Students may not wear clothing patches or decals that are obscene, vulgar, suggestive, or offensive in any manner or which promote the use of drugs, or endorse alcohol or tobacco products.

Flagrant violations of this code may result in parents being called to bring acceptable clothing to school. Minor violations will result in the issuing of "tickets." Four such tickets will result in morning detention and a D-Slip. After a student receives four tickets for any one particualr offense, he/she will be subject to other forms of disciplinary action.