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Dolly Ridge Book Fair October 22-November 4

Reading can take you anywhere! Personal choice reading is truly the launchpad for getting kids to read more. We are excited to announce the opening of Book Fair Time Machine! on Thursday, October 22nd. Even though we won't be having an in-school book fair, it will be exciting for your children to get a package in the mail from Scholastic! Thank you for your support of our online book fair.

We would love to have you participate in our book fair!  The funds we raise from this Book Fair are used to expand our library collection here at the school. Here are some details:

  • Dates are October 22 - November 4
  • $25 Books - free shipping (but if anything besides a book is bought, the shipping is added because of 3rd party vendors)
  • Items go straight to home address
  • The link to buy will open on October 22
  • Link can be found on website

Shop at the link below: