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Dolly Ridge gifted students host architectural showcase

This article was submitted by Rachael Franklin, gifted specialist at Vestavia Hills Elementary Dolly Ridge.

November 12, 2019 -- Dolly Ridge students in Mrs. Franklin’s 5th grade GRC class recently wrapped up their study of architecture with a designers showcase. Students were tasked with designing a complete home for a family of five, including a floor plan, safety features, a rendering in TinkerCAD (a 3D design program), and a 3D printed model. Each group was given a different city around the world to design and build in. The culture, family structure, climate, and geography all had to be considered in everything from building materials to roof pitch. Groups created an online book using Book Creator chronicling the design process from first sketches to final 3D print. 

Today’s showcase drew parents, grandparents, friends, VHCS board employees, and were even fortunate to have architect Mr. Shawn Calma, of Lathan and Associates come critique their designs as well. “We are excited to be able to show our final design to everyone,'' said one student, Cance Mills. “I hope to be able to build my house for real one day.” said another, Luke Peevy. 

We are so very proud of their accomplishments and know we have some great minds at VHEDR!

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