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Former Vestavia Hills superintendent Carlton Smith dies

Dr. Carlton Smith June 20, 2020 -- John Carlton Smith, Ph.D., former superintendent of Vestavia Hills City Schools, died at his home in Vestavia Hills on Wednesday evening, according to an announcement from his family.

Smith, 83, served from 1986 to 1997 as Vestavia Hills City Schools’ third superintendent. During his career, the school system opened Vestavia Hills Elementary Central and welcomed students from the Liberty Park community following its annexation in 1992. Under Smith’s leadership, the school system also greatly expanded its classroom resources and technology.

Following the announcement of Smith’s passing, Vestavia Hills City Schools superintendent Todd Freeman, Ed.D., made the following statement:

Carlton Smith was a lifelong educator who was passionate about the importance of education in preparing young people for successful lives. He served with distinction as a teacher, coach, and administrator in several Alabama school systems during his impressive career. Dr. Smith loved Vestavia Hills City Schools and continued to be vigilant in making sure the system had all the resources it needed. He was so proud of the community support of the school system and believed it to be foundational to its success. He also believed our students and staff were incomparable. Dr. Smith was a steadfast source of encouragement, support, and wisdom to me and so many others. I join the community in saying that he made a tremendous impact on Vestavia Hills and will be missed.

Details about memorial and graveside services for Smith are available here.