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COVID-19 Data in Vestavia Hills City Schools

November 17, 2020 -- Vestavia Hills City Schools will begin providing COVID-19 data reports on our district website following each Board of Education meeting. The data shown below reflects information valid as November 16, 2020. The top chart shows COVID-19 attendance data system-wide. The bottom chart shows COVID-19 attendace data as a percentage of the school system's Average Daily Membership.

Weekly updates are provided by the Alabama Department of Public Health on Alabama's K-12 COVID-19 School Dashboard.

          10/2 10/23 11/16/2020
Total # of students with COVID-19 Positive (as reported by guardians)
        1.24% 1.64% 2.77%
Total # of students quarantined for close contact at school
        5.41% 8.70% 13.31%
Total # students who test positive after close contact at school (anecdotal only)
          0.01% 0.09%
Total # of staff with COVID-19 positive since 8/20
        1.57% 2.91% 3.81%
Total # of staff who have quarantined because of close contact or relative
        5.49% 9.53% 13.23%

COVID-19 attendance data

COVID-19 attendance as percentage of ADM