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VHCS celebrates National School Counseling Week

February 3, 2021 -- The week of Feb. 1-5 is recognized across America as National School Counseling Week.

In Vestavia Hills City Schools, students are served by a team of more than 20 counselors and support staff who work to meet the social-emotional needs of each child and help to prepare them for the next steps in their academic journey.

School counselors and support staff members in Vestavia Hills City Schools include:

  • West: Dawn Norris and Emily Burt
  • East: Kelsey Brown and Emily Burt
  • Dolly Ridge: Kellie Knight and Marla Hatch
  • VHELP: Marla Hatch and Emelie Sara Vines
  • CH: Cortney McKinney
  • LPM: Keri Howard and Tre Munger
  • PMS: Becca Poe, Chase Hodge, and Amber Payne
  • VHHS Freshman: Sherrilyn Dovi and Megan Drumm
  • VHHS: Brandon Boggs, Anna Daneri, Christine Rohling, Kylie Regan, Daria Howard, Oliver Aaron
  • VHCS: Student Assistance Counselor: Anna Gaston, (district social worker)
  • VHHS college and career secretary: Jerri Tinney; VHHS counseling secretary: Tracy Towns